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I forgot about this blog

I usually just blog off my main tumblr, which is I post Kpop, Uljjang, Asian and fashions.

I came to a realization that I stop going out and hanging out with everyone. I only want to hang around my best friend, she gives me positive energy and listens to me when no one else would. I hate all that unnecessary drama that my facebook gives off. Every time I post a status, it’s always intellectually entered as sarcasm, but there’s always that one person who takes it the wrong way and starts arguing with me. I really can’t deal with the stupidity of people thinking they know everything when they are online. The internet should not be taken seriously, everything here is literally a joke unless is a valid site. It’s a shame that it succumb to me leaving facebook in order to live a more peaceful life online. I do miss the friends that I met online, my friends who live near me are actually the ones that start everything. I’m sorry to all my online friends who can’t keep in contact with me. I’m pretty sure someone will say that I’m talking bad about them, but as you can tell I’m not stating anyone specific. It’s a generalization of everything that is going on. People take words out of proportion, I give up on trying to make new friends because of that.


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whenever the one direction fandom thinks theyre the weirdest fandom out there i like to remind them that the exo fandom exists


Not to mention, this fandom is also one of the creepiest and embarrassing fandom. It’s lovely.

THE EXO FANDOM. Home of the derps and the hardcore shippers.

We really quite disturbing