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Speak for Yourself, Speak up!


This is going to be a long rant and blog.

Today at work, typical busy work day. I got a message from one of my co-workers, she didn’t say it straightforward, but she was trying to call in. I understand that people work two jobs and are tired. I realize her mom didn’t want her to come in, understandable, but if she were to come in her mom would come and bitch at us? Hold the fuck up! My co worker is a great friend of mines so I told her this. “Your mom needs to chill, you are an adult and you can tell us if you would like less hours” I understand from a parent point of view that you worried about your child, but to try and come and make a big scene about her working too many hours is just fucking stupid. Those type of parents are going to make their child lose their job. My Friend/Co worker works two jobs and I understand she’s tired, all she has to do is let us(Management) know that she would like to work less hours and we will oblige by that. A parent trying to come and make a fuss over a child working so many hours, its reasonable but to bitch about it, is uncalled for. I as a manager will tell her the same thing, your daughter is an adult and she needs to tell us if she wants to work less and that is exhausting for her. We cannot tell if anyone is wanting more or less hours unless they tell us. We can read their minds! I was thinking, how are you going to tell your daughter to stop working, when you don’t support her? She has to pay bills somehow, unless you are going financially give her money for those missed days. I feel bad that she has to work two jobs and try to attend school at the same time, Mother comes busting in telling her to stop working too much. I completely understand that it’s exhausting, but there are better ways to go and tell someone to stop letting their kid working too much. A simple, can you please cut her off these days would of suffice.

Speaking of parents, my other co worker who works during the evening came in today with bruises on her face and arm. I was concerned so I ask her what had happen? Her step dad beat her, and her mom did nothing about it. My inner parenting came out, “You need to call the cops, that home is not safe for you and your mom needs to be punished for allowing that to happen and not doing anything about it” She replied, I don’t want to get her in trouble. Um no! Your mom has been neglecting you, threatened to kick you out on the streets just so she could be with a trifling ass man that beats on little girls. I want to go ahead and call the police, but I can’t help someone, if they don’t want to be helped. I will keep watch over her and if this act continues, I have no choice but to call the cops. I mean c’mon who fucking beats on a child? a little girl? this man is not even a man! She is also scared, she will have no place to go. Since the mom allowed this to happen both parents will be put in jail, and she will have no place to go. I don’t want to do that to her, I will give her time to find a place to stay. But seriously, Child abuse is so fucking stupid! I really want her dad to fucking rot in jail. He’s not even her dad! and her stupid mom allowing that to happen so she can stay with him. Bitch wake the fuck up, Your daughter is getting beat to death! Ain’t no man worth over your own flesh and blood!

Ugh! I’m still pissed about the situation, both of them!

EnTangled in my own thoughts


It’s been a very long and busy day, I was very ecstatic  to end my day and  head home. Such a busy day at work that I didn’t even have time to eat. Starving while working at a restaurant, like how is that even possible? I was so dead when I finally came home though.

Here’s a thought though, why is it that I always over think everything. What if I don’t succeed? What if I don’t graduate? What if I get Fired? All these what if and it scares me. What if I’m not ready for this world. I get so lost in my own thoughts, I forget everything positive about me and just focus on my mistakes. Why do I always do this to myself? I’m Entangled in my own thoughts, as I’m watching  “Tangled”  oh the irony.

A Blissful Retreat


Last night I only encountered 5 hours of sleep, recklessly staying up all night just because I couldn’t fight the temptation to stay up and socialize. I woke up in a daze today, looking at my clock realizing I can sleep for 10 more mins and still have 40 mins to get ready. I keep dawdling through my phone just to find more time to waste, realizing it has surpass more than 10 minutes I jolt out of bed. My little sister was wide-awake playing on her kindle.

I realize that my city was hosting a small convention, I was so excited to attend, little did I know it ended at 5pm and that is when I get off work. My happiness turn to sadness in a quick glance. I was looking forward to dressing up and wearing my cosplay. Work was a bitch, I was tired as fuck and I didn’t want to be there any longer. I was the last to leave from the morning shift. As I was driving home, these stupid ass people cannot drive for the life of Buddha! Seriously! I almost ran into two people today.

I arrive home, checked the mail and I realize I have a package, at least this would turn my day around. I opened it and turns out to be my UK flag Phone case!! I was jumping with joy. My brother had received his income tax money and he owes me $200. I was short on my payments for my bills and this really turn my day around.

As of right now Ariana Grande’s sweet lull a-bye voice is playing in my speakers, making this a blissful retreat.

"Sometimes in order to do the right thing, you have to break the rules"

A Delicious friendship

Starting to make new friends online and in reality. I’ve always been a shy kid to begin with. I need to start socializing more often. It’s fun to talk to friends who live around the country. Open my mind to new cultural differences. I like the idea of wanting to travel and meet new people. I plan on visiting my international friends soon. I plan to go to Europe in a few years, mainly because I still have to get my degree in the Music field. I want to have time to develop my career before I venture to new things. This year I’ve tried out for auditions and I actually made one. I’ve been rehearsing really hard, so lets hope my final performance turns out well. I am also going to be in  Japanese Fashion show at my friend’s college. I volunteered for it, I’m really excited since Fashion is my thing. I will post the pictures once that day comes. I will try to keep this blog updated as much as possible. I know it’s nothing interesting, but just my daily life. I’ve also started to get into cosplay a lot. I will be cosplay Ciel Phantomhive when he wore the pink dress, Tsukimiya Ringo, Matt Ishida, Chanyeol, G-Dragon, Ahri. Lots of cosplay and so little time. I still need to work on my other Cosplays. Well that’s it for Today. Thanks for Reading.