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A Blissful Retreat


Last night I only encountered 5 hours of sleep, recklessly staying up all night just because I couldn’t fight the temptation to stay up and socialize. I woke up in a daze today, looking at my clock realizing I can sleep for 10 more mins and still have 40 mins to get ready. I keep dawdling through my phone just to find more time to waste, realizing it has surpass more than 10 minutes I jolt out of bed. My little sister was wide-awake playing on her kindle.

I realize that my city was hosting a small convention, I was so excited to attend, little did I know it ended at 5pm and that is when I get off work. My happiness turn to sadness in a quick glance. I was looking forward to dressing up and wearing my cosplay. Work was a bitch, I was tired as fuck and I didn’t want to be there any longer. I was the last to leave from the morning shift. As I was driving home, these stupid ass people cannot drive for the life of Buddha! Seriously! I almost ran into two people today.

I arrive home, checked the mail and I realize I have a package, at least this would turn my day around. I opened it and turns out to be my UK flag Phone case!! I was jumping with joy. My brother had received his income tax money and he owes me $200. I was short on my payments for my bills and this really turn my day around.

As of right now Ariana Grande’s sweet lull a-bye voice is playing in my speakers, making this a blissful retreat.

"Sometimes in order to do the right thing, you have to break the rules"

A Delicious friendship

Starting to make new friends online and in reality. I’ve always been a shy kid to begin with. I need to start socializing more often. It’s fun to talk to friends who live around the country. Open my mind to new cultural differences. I like the idea of wanting to travel and meet new people. I plan on visiting my international friends soon. I plan to go to Europe in a few years, mainly because I still have to get my degree in the Music field. I want to have time to develop my career before I venture to new things. This year I’ve tried out for auditions and I actually made one. I’ve been rehearsing really hard, so lets hope my final performance turns out well. I am also going to be in  Japanese Fashion show at my friend’s college. I volunteered for it, I’m really excited since Fashion is my thing. I will post the pictures once that day comes. I will try to keep this blog updated as much as possible. I know it’s nothing interesting, but just my daily life. I’ve also started to get into cosplay a lot. I will be cosplay Ciel Phantomhive when he wore the pink dress, Tsukimiya Ringo, Matt Ishida, Chanyeol, G-Dragon, Ahri. Lots of cosplay and so little time. I still need to work on my other Cosplays. Well that’s it for Today. Thanks for Reading.